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The Winner Of Last Week’s Disappointingly Straightforward Competition Is …

by Aidan Elder | February 21, 2012

There were a number records set for last week’s competition. Here’s a sample of some of them:

72 seconds – that’s the amount time I had to wait before someone broke my ‘this is the most diabolical and nasty competition I’ve ever concocted’ bubble by cheerfully popping the right answer in an email and sending it in my direction. The smug grin was knocked off my face in record time.

99.95% – that was the level of correct answers I got, far higher than the usual rate. Pretty much every person who sent me an answer got it right and the one incorrect answer I did get was soon corrected.

0no-one guessed Robbie Keane. That’s a welcome first for the competition.

So yes, what I was expecting to be a horribly tricky competition turned out to be easier than confusing a The Only Way Is Essex cast member. I was under the impression simply giving you the venues of the respective cup finals would make indentifying the participants in said cup final much more difficult and in turn, unravelling the mystery of who the hell I was talking about would be near impossible. It wasn’t and the tidal wave of correct answers not long after publishing the competition proved it. It all means I’ve had to use an extra large hat this week and you’ll need your jamminess skills to be at their peak to have a chance of winning.

The answer was of course Yaya Toure. He won an FA Cup with Man City at Wembley last year, won a Copa Del Rey with Barcelona in Valencia back in 2009 and won the Κύπελλο Ελλάδος Ποδοσφαίρου, otherwise known as the Greek Cup with Olympiacos in Crete three years earlier. Everyone who entered got it right, but the lucky name pulled from the hat was that of Shane Callaghan who – thanks to the pimping out of this competition around the interweb – wins a €70 Free Bet.

Well done Shane and bad luck to everyone who got it right but lacked the luck to win. A special bad luck shoutout goes to Tau, who has more reason than most to be a little upset at the Toure family. He explains:

I am an arsenal fan who named my son toure (after kolo obviously) leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth every time I call my son down for dinner!! for this reason alone i should win.

Great story Tau, but as amusing as it is, it doesn’t entitle you to victory. At least you have the consolation of not calling your kid ‘Robin Van Persie’ who’ll be gone at the end of the season. Chin up champ!

There’ll be more competition fun shortly.


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