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Video: Marko Marin’s Career Almost Ended By Flimsy Plastic Cup

by Rob Dore | February 21, 2012

Obviously we’re not going to condone fans throwing missiles at players, unless those missiles are snowballs or the target is Joey Barton. No, sorry, not even at Joey Barton, unless he’s coming at you with a lit cigar. We were going to go with Ashley Cole and a pellet rifle but having just read a few of Barton’s insipidly self-righteous tweets, he won out.

Here’s a clip of Werder Bremen’s Marko Marin (22) being hit with an empty plastic cup during their match against Hamburger last week. Yes of course fans shouldn’t be throwing anything at players that’s not frozen water in a circular form but it’s a pretty flimsy cup. We understand the annoyance but what’s with the limp? One day a sniper really will take him out during a game and no one will believe him. That’s the sad part.


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