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Video: Nicolas Anelka’s New Team Have A Mid-Game Brawl While Nic Was Getting The Coats

by Rob Dore | February 29, 2012

It’s all excitement for former Chelsea man Nicolas Anelka in China. Having scored 60 seconds in to his debut in a friendly for Shanghai Shenhua, his second run out for the Chinese Super League side descended in to an on-field brawl. The self-preserving Frenchman was nowhere to be found, possibly using the excuse that he thought it was some kind of Chinese custom he was unaware of and in an effort not to offend, he thought it more respectful to observe from a safe distance. Cowering down behind the dug-out.

The fight itself was your typical footballers slapping each other like small girls, the odd windmill and some flying kicks. So brutal was this fight that one player was forced to use one of his shin-guards as a make-shift splint. Oh the brutality!


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