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We Have A Winner And Quite A Coincidence …

by Aidan Elder | March 6, 2012

I can always tell how easy a round of Whose Career Is It Anyway? is by the amount of chat that comes along with the answers being sent in. ‘Verbal showboating’ as I like to call it. Last week’s competition was evidently straightforward based on this rather vague metric.

For example, I had the wonderful Bohsmark accompany his entry with a brief bemoaning of how his early solving of the puzzle had cruelly robbed him the chance of several sleepness nights and putting his day job on hold. Or Aidan Shortt who found it so easy that he could devote a substantial amount of time to point out we have the same Christian name and therefore share a deep spiritual bond that should enhance his chances of winning the Free Bet. Which it doesn’t as Aidans Quinn, O’Brien and Gillen will no doubt testify.

The not especially difficult to solve answer was Shay Given who has had stints with Blackburn, Swindon, Sunderland, Newcastle, Man City and more recently Aston Villa. I thought it would be prove to be pretty tricky, but that clearly wasn’t the case as I require my XL size hat of quiz-ending jeopardy for this week’s random draw. The lucky name pulled out of the hat belongs to … wow … Aidan Shortt, which is kind of freaky considering I was only taking the piss out of his shameless kiss-assing earlier in this piece. I could rewrite it to make myself look a little less stupid, but I’m in a hurry so we’ll just have to accept that the lord works in mysterious ways, particularly when handing out conclusions to Whose Career Is It Anyway? evidently. I’m kind of taken aback by the randomness of that outcome, so all that remains is for me to tell you he wins a Free €72 Bet thanks to everybody’s sharing of the competition around the social networks.

There’s more competition fun coming very soon.


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