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The Winner Of Our Cheltenham-themed Competition Is …

by Aidan Elder | March 12, 2012

Last week’s Cheltenham-themed edition of the crappily named ‘See It, Say It’ wasn’t as tricky as I’d first expected and it’s a basically a top hat full of correct answers this week. When went through my mailbox, I found the usual mix of smug correct answers, shameless kiss-assing to accompany correct answers and strange offers of extra-marital affairs. Thank you everyone, although I’m secure enough to be oblivious your smugness and ass-kissing and insecure enough not to start the extra-marital affair proposed by the amorous spam-bot.

There were a few wrong answers, the pick of which came from Keith F who said he was briefly considering ‘Steps To Free Dick’ as his answer for number 4. Ha ha! Steps To Free Dick! Sounds like a handbook for getting a male escort to supply his services for free.

Anyway, if you’ve been pulling your hair out for the last week or so, you can stop now because the answers and an explanation for my tenuous reasoning are here:

1. That’s immensely unfunny comedienne, Sue Perkins; then there’s the immensely funny Les Dawson; and that last picture is meant to represent the sound ‘shhhhh’. Put them all together and you may have got Sous Les Cieux.

For looking at the incorrect answers, the immensely unfunny comedienne, Sue Perkins caused a lot of problems. I’m sorry about that, but there really aren’t many famous people specifically known as ‘Sue’.

2. That’s a shark with his cheery little fin popping out above the water; then it’s Gandalf aka Ian McKellan and Ian Beale aka … who knows? He’s probably called Ian everywhere he goes. i.e. two Ians; after that we have some rain; and that’s followed by Rihanna and more specifically, the bow in her hair. That should have got you something similar to Finian’s Rainbow.

3. That’s a tie (a full Windsor knot if I’m ‘knot’ mistaken – boom boom); that’s Sophie Dahl, grandchild of Roald Dahl and current CEO of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory; and that last picture is a bay (and for the nerdishly specific the Bahía de la Concha in the beautiful city of San Sebastian aka Donostia). So in total, the answer was Tidal Bay.

4. They are some steps with some scratcharse students lazing around on them; then there’s Winston Churchill kindly posing for a photograph to represent the number two for future generations; then there’s a box of free stuff, which is free; and at the end there’s Dick and Dom. I was looking for Dom as opposed to Dick. Write you own gags after that one. The answer therefore was Steps To Freedom.

5. Yes, it is a flower, but more specifically a sunny day; that’s Benny Hill; and that’s a buoy. The answer was Sunnyhillboy.

Right, now that’s done it’s time to pick a winner. Thanks to everyone’s shameless flogging of the competition around the internet, the prize comes to a Free €93 Bet and that is currently winging its way towards Odhran Ducie, Well done Odhran, you had just the right amount of skill and jamminess to triumph.

Bad luck everyone else who got it right. Hopefully Cheltenham will bring you better luck,

There’ll be more competition fun next week after the madness of Cheltenham subsides.


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