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Video: Dad’s Just Weird

by Aidan Elder | March 27, 2012

Judy Murray’s near-constant presence by the side of Andy has been questioned in the past. At its best it’s been described as the manifestation of a perfectly healthy and necessary maternal love and at its worst it’s been thought of as worrying over-reliance for a man aspiring to scale the heights of the tennis world.

Whatever you choose to view it as, it looks like blissful harmony in comparison to the Tomic family. Rising star of the tennis world, Bernard (19) had been competing at the Miami Masters until getting beaten by David Ferrer on Saturday and the presence of his father didn’t help. Not happy with his son’s performance, Tomic senior is seen shaking his head in the stands. When the game ends, Bernard asks the umpire if he can get his father turfed out and then says thanks when he’s given the coaching violation that would hasten his Dad’s exit. Crazy stuff.

It looks like the lack of tact is genetic as Bernard is no stranger to ruffling feathers. His temperament has been questioned in the past following some on court petulance and in 2009, the then 16 year old gave Lleyton Hewiit a verbal bitchslap by telling him he “wasn’t good enough” to be his practice partner for a session on middle Sunday at Wimbledon. His reputation as burgeoning nutball wasn’t helped earlier this year when he was involved in a showdown with police in the Gold Coast over allegations of ‘driving like a dick’ (that’s not the legal term, not even in Australia).


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