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We have a lot of ass-kissing and one winner

by Aidan Elder | March 28, 2012

Sorry for not announcing the winner of last week’s Blog competition sooner. I was very busy yesterday and by that I mean I was watching the cricket. The first few answers that came in seemed to suggest it was straightforward, but as the week went on, the full set of five out five correct answers dried up and there always seemed to be at least one that was tripping people up. There were lots of lick-arses trying to compensate for their lack of correct answers with some flattery and although it worked in inflating my ego, it didn’t work well enough to get you into the hat. As a consequence, it’s a fairly small hat I’m using to decide the winner, but before all that, here’s all the answers and a flimsy explanation of my thought-process.

1. Now that I think about it, I think used this one before, but it’s too late now. It was the Great Wall of China, some abs belonging to a lady and some bees. Stick them all together and you should have got the Wallabies.

2. This was a little bit tricky. I would have started at the end and worked my way back. Using that logic, the clues were dough; Halle Berry celebrating an Oscar win; a woman wearing fur; Nadia from Big Brother who is transgender. Slightly cryptic, but a lot of people managed to figure out it was Transfer Window.

3. That’s a man about to step on a banana skin and – as countless cartoons have told us – slip; the middle thing is a sodastream; and Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon rounds it off. Put them together and you get, Slipstreaming that thing they do in motorsport.

4. There aren’t many famous Gars, so I was pretty happy with how I came up with the clue for this one. The easy bits are people rowing, a space shuttle coming in to land and David Schwimer who is almost universally referred to as Ross from Friends. The key piece of the puzzle required a little bit of being about to mumble your way around France. The picture was of a train in a station with a flag indicating it was happening in France and a train station in France is called a ‘gare’. So in total, you should have got Roland Garros – the venue for the only clay court Grand Slam of the season. Ou est le boit de nuit? Je voudrais faire un promendence dans la piscine.

5. I saved the vaguest for last. That first picture is a bunch of women on a night out; the next one is a flash of underpants, but more importantly a woman’s side (the tattoo was a red herring and the red knickers were just red knickers); and the last image was the Edge from U2. Stick them all together and you get ‘Drunk Birds Midriff Baldy’ – a famous turn of phrase from cricket. Er .. no, it’s actually Outside Edge.

Well done to everyone who got them all right and well done to everyone who only got four out of five. If you got less than four right, you have brought shame on your family. As is the case in life, the crucial ingredient isn’t skill, hard-work and perseverance, it’s jamminess and the person who the lion’s share of it this week is Conor McCann who – thanks to the sharing of the competition around the internet – wins a Free €86 Bet.

Well done Conor and bad luck everyone else. Hopefully you’ll have more luck in our next competition which is coming along shortly.


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