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We have a witty winner

by Aidan Elder | April 3, 2012

It’s safe to say never in the entire history of our competitions have we had this level of debate amongst our carefully chosen panel of comedy experts. The standard of entries last week was remarkable, but in the end, I didn’t have the foresight to announce a top three, so there can only be one winner. To recap, last week’s competition was an edition of the overly wordy ‘Finish of the headline in the most amusing way possible’. The headline was ‘Giggs expects …’ and the correct response was in fact ‘decisive derby’. In light of events over the last few days, that’s actually quite a comedic headline in its own right, but it doesn’t actually count as an entry to the competition.

The winner is Sinead who came up with a topic that many people tried to address, but only she nailed concisely. That’s probably the wrong choice of words when talking about Giggsy, but here’s the winning entry:

Yes, you probably think your one was funnier and that this is some sort of fix. I can assure you that (a) it wasn’t and (b) it isn’t. As I stated in the original post, we do have a specific sense of humour in here and this was the one that tickled our collective funny bone the most. We did receive a lot of good efforts though, so don’t give up on the career in stand-up comedy just because you didn’t win on this occasion. Sinead wins a Free €77 Bet thanks to everyone’s generous sharing of this competition around the internet. Well done Sinead.

Thanks for playing and there’ll be more competition fun soon.


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