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Ballcrack episode 11: Jack Nicholson Helps To Manage Some Premier League Anger….And There’s Goats!

by Rob Dore | April 6, 2012

In this week’s Ballcrack tensions are rising at the top of the Premier League as Manchester City struggle. The pressure is on Roberto Mancini to win the title but are things starting to crack at the Etihad? Is Mario’s madness becoming infectious?

And what about Anfield?!? Is Kenny Dalglish raving mad when he talks about the team making progress and Andy Carroll not being completely useless? Even Pepe Reina is going around sticking the head in!

With this kind of crazy there’s only one man to help manage the anger. Jack “I’m So Mad I’m Sane” Nicholson. He’ll fix ’em right up. Sort of.

Oh and there’s a dressing room full of goats. Enjoy!

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