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VIDEO: Ruby helps a granny pick her Grand National horse

by Aidan Elder | April 11, 2012

We had Ruby in Power Tower last week in for a casual chat.
Just the members of the Paddy Power Blog team and the living legend of the saddle for a chinwag ahead of the Grand National. Yeah, just us shooting the breeze.
And a film crew.
And a make-up artist.
And a bunch of extras.
And a director.

Obviously we all know who’s going to win the Grand National. We’ll reveal who that horse is once he crosses the finish line on Saturday along with tales of how much money we made backing him, but not everyone is so lucky.

Some people need a little bit of help, in particular the section of society that’s best described as the ‘foul-mouthed grannies’ demographic. Luckily, Ruby is a gentleman, so he handled actress Leila Hoffman’s abusive interrogation with grace and dignity. Enjoy.

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