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Six Grand National goodies you might have missed

by Aidan Elder | April 13, 2012

Power Tower has been a busy place for the last couple of weeks and just in case you missed one of the many things we’ve had going on lately, here’s a quick round-up of what’s been happening.

  • #1
  • We took Ruby Walsh into the darkest and coincidentally, best lit from a filming point of view, room in the building and interrogated him until gave us the names of five horses who could win the Grand National. Before would could say ‘break out the Jedward CD’ he cracked and here’s what he thinks:

  • #2
  • On the tips theme, we asked Ruby Walsh, Mark ‘The Couch’ Wistanley, John Parrott and Gary O’Brien for their Grand National Tips. Have a gander at it here.

  • #3
  • It’s kinda late if you work in office, but on the off-chance you want to set up a Grand National Sweepstake amongst your friends, family or fellow Hare Krishna’s, you can start by downloading it here.

  • #4
  • If you like to pick your Grand National horses based on schmaltzy or quirky back-stories, then this is for you because we’ve been collecting the best of them for your perusal.

  • #5
  • Maybe you’re the kind of person with an insatiable appetite for information specific to the Grand National. That’s ok, don’t feel weird because we’ve prepared this Grand National infographic and this interview with Ruby Walsh outlining what it’s like to ride in the National.

  • #6
  • Ballcrack tackles the Grand National. Hi-larious:

  • And last, but not least, here’s Ruby Walsh getting abuse from an granny.


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