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Grand National Result: What happened to my horse?

by Aidan Elder | April 14, 2012

It was one of the most dramatic Grand Nationals in the long history of the world’s most famous Steeplechase, but in the middle of all the excitement, you may have lost track of what happened to your horse.
Here’s the run-down of how all 40 runners fared.

The finishers
1st Neptune Collognes 33/1
2nd Sunnyhillboy
3rd Seabass
4th Cappa Bleu
5th In Compliance
6th Ballabriggs
7th Hello Bud
8th Tharawaat
9th Shakalakaboomboom
10th Swing Bill
11th Midnight Club
12th Planet Of Sound
13th Neptune Equester
14th Calgary Bay
15th Midnight Haze

The ones the didn’t make it around
1st Fence
Viking Blond

2nd Fence
West End Rocker, Junior

5th Fence
State Of Play, Rare Bob, Chicago Grey

6th Fence

7th Fence
Alfa Beat

8th Fence
Killyglen, Tatenen, Black Apalachi, Organisedconfusion, Becauseicouldntsee

10th Fence
Treacle, Arbour Supreme

11th Fence
Giles Cross (pulled up)

15th Fence (The Chair)
Always Right

17th Fence
Quiscover Fontaine

19th Fence
Deep Purple, Vic Venturi (refused)

22nd Fence
According To Pete, On His Own, Mon Mome (pulled up), Postmaster (pulled up)

27th Fence
Weird Al

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