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Play our Grand National ‘Katchphrase’ Competition and Win €/£50 Free Bet!!

by Rob Dore | April 14, 2012


Scott Carruthers takes this one down with “Watching paint dry”. Well done mate.


We have just under one hour until the Grand National and I’m hoping to have a winner by then. Going on this morning’s performance though it’s going to be tight.

This is a simple competition. We reveal a picture which illustrates a famous phrase or saying, one frame at a time. If you can work out what it is before everyone else you’ll win a €/£50 free bet.

Some simple rules type stuff:
A maximum of three guesses per person per square until the last square is revealed. Then it’s a free-for-all.
Please use the email address you have attached to your Paddy Power when posting your answer.
And other stuff I reserve the right to make up on the fly.


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