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Paddy Power’s new Team Pages for football betting fans

by Paddy Power Admin | April 19, 2012

Paddy Power Team Pages betting

In case you haven’t heard, Paddy Power has launched Team Pages to set a new standard of football betting for fans.

In short, the section brings together all the betting and statistics connected to your team in one place.

For instance, you can see the cold, hard facts on:

  • Recent results from your chosen team;
  • Head-to-head against the opposition;
  • What time of a game your team has let in goals – or, more importantly, scored.

There’s a lot more to them than that and if you want more specifics, you can read about it here. We think they’re pretty fantastic and as a reward our team of IT geniuses have been rewarded with the Deep Space 9 boxset.

Now we’re looking for you to use them as much as possible. If you support any of the teams in the top English leagues, Spain’s La Liga, Serie A in Italy, or the Scottish Premier League you can select a team as your favourite and have the page devoted to them with all the data you need right there.

Even if you don’t support a team, why not set it to a team you utterly detest and back against them every week? It’s not as if there’s a shortage of obnoxious clubs it’s OK to hate.

  • Paddy Power will also give a FREE BET to anybody who gets a celebrity (with more than 50k followers) to mention Paddy Power’s Team Pages with a RT.

Obviously, some teams have been more popular than others and here’s the vital information communicated in a format familiar to all footie fans – a league table.

Mainly driven by customers in the London area, Manchester United are the most popular of all the teams so far.

What follows is a list of 19 clubs and how they rank relative to the league leaders. Sorry Leeds fans – this merely a visual aid and not an actual reflection of your club’s imminent return to the top flight. The table on the right is the increase of people setting a club as their team page each day.

Team Pages sample table April

Anyway, we want you to set your favourite team and we’re prepared to bribe you to do it.

If you and your fellow fans can get your team to be the most-selected team in a league before 5pm on April 27, 2012, we’ll announce a jaw-droppingly good enhanced special on your team.

Likewise, if you team is the most increased page of the lot, we’ll also throw some enhanced goodness in your direction.

Terms and conditions

  • Fans of the team from each of the English Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Serie A, La Liga & SPL divisions – which finish highest in the table – will each receive an enhanced offer. For example if Manchester United are the most popular team from the Premier League, their registered fans will get an enhanced offer. And if Leeds finish sixth overall but are the highest Championship side, each of their registered fans will receive an enhanced offer;
  • Competition closes at 5pm Friday, April 27;
  • Offers will be communicated to fans of the winning teams before midday, Saturday,  April 28;
  • Enhanced offer will apply to games played on weekend of April 27-30;
  • Paddy Power’s decision is final;

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