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Paddy Power rides his luck with enhanced specials

by Aidan Elder | April 22, 2012

Over the last week few weeks, we’ve been offering some crazy enhanced prices on various football matches. They’re like normal prices, but dreamt up by someone who has clearly been drowning their morning All Bran in Jack Daniels. We’ve been taking bets, injecting them with a huge dose of steroids and sticking them up on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

They’re available to all Paddy Power customers. The key is being eagle-eyed for when they do happen and then pouncing like John Terry on a team-mate’s girlfriend when the opportunity comes along. They tend to give our accounts department palpitations for as long as they’re available, so for that reason, they don’t tend to be around for long.

By way of example, we offered odds of Evens for Arsenal to beat Wigan when the real odds were 2/7. Then we offered 3/1 for Cristiano Ronaldo to score against Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final when the actual price was evens. And then we enhanced Barcelona to beat Chelsea. And Van Persie to score against Chelsea. And Manchester United to beat Everton.

As you’ve probably already noticed, none of those events actually came to pass, leading to some accusations about Paddy Power’s connections with such influential people as Satan, voodoo witch doctors and Simon Cowell. In truth, there are no deals with the devil, it’s just an amazing sequence of bad luck for punters.

Enhanced Specials

Over the course of the last week or so, we’ve offered a range of specials that were odds-on to happen and then didn’t. That’s mainly down to bad luck, bad performances or as we saw today, United’s sudden loss of the ability to defend. If the last nine enhanced offers, seven haven’t happened with remarkably, only two of them coming good.

It’s truly amazing and – from the punters’ point of view – unfortunate run of results. One day the luck is going to turn and our accounts department are going to need to be checked in to a cardiac department somewhere. You just need to make sure that when the tables do turn, you’ve got your eyes fixed on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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