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We have a lot of bad Spanish and one winner

by Aidan Elder | April 24, 2012

Well hello there. I haven’t seen you for a while.
Yes, it’s that time of the week when I put some people out of their misery and put other people who weren’t in any misery, into some misery. I got absolutely loads of correct answers to last week’s competition, but before all that however, I’d like to dip into the mailbag. By which I mean the random comments people attach to their entries.

First up, Graham B who writes ‘my usual email address is [whatever] but I’m using my wife’s PC at the moment’. Well Graham, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just one word of warning from my own personal experience – be careful what you’re looking at online on a shared PC, particularly when that sharer is your wife. You might think googling ‘women who look sexy when dressed as a walrus’ is perfectly normal, but unbelievably, some people think it’s weird.

Jon writes: ‘the answer is [whatever]. I hope I win the bike.’ Sorry Jon, but you’ve been misinformed. This week’s prize is a free bet and not in fact a night with Jordan.

A special shout goes out to a few of the best wrong answers. It wasn’t, as one person, guessed ‘Lenil Mossy’. I’ve never heard of him, but equally I’ve never inhaled a tin of Glade Jasmine airspray by 11 in the morning. One entry simply said ‘Spain’ – which would make the competition less ‘Whose Career Is It Any Anyway’ and more ‘Name The Country’. And I also got an attempt from the one and only Tina Crawford who is Whose Career Is It Anyway’ what Fernando Torres is to goalscoring – mainly wide of the mark with comedic effects. Bad luck Tina, just the 11 guesses wrong on this occasion. But hey, at least you spelled Lionel Messi right and you at least understood that the aim of the competition wasn’t to say the word ‘Spain’.

Now to the answer and more importantly the winner. The solution to the riddle is of course good old Louis Henry Martin Young or to use the Spanglicised version, Luis Enrique Martinez Garcia, more commonly known as Luis Enrique. He started his career with Sporting Gijon, moved on to Real Madrid before metaphorically pissing on the grave of Alfredo Di Stefano (even though he’s not dead) by moving to Barcelona.

The winner of this week’s competition is Neil Blackhurst who combined a healthy dose of jamminess with his knowledge of Spanish footballers who have played for Sporting Gijon, Real Madrid and Barcelona. There was a lot of social network sharing this week (two people even shared it on Google+. Granted that’s like shouting about it in an empty room, but you’ve got to applaud the effort). With this social enhancement, the £50 Free Bet has become a £134 Free Bet which I’m told Neil is going to put on Didier Drogba staying on his feet for more than two minutes this evening at 400/1.

Well done Neil. Bad luck/education to everyone else. There’s more competition fun coming soon.


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