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We have one winner and one advanced case of chrometophobia

by Aidan Elder | May 1, 2012

I’m not going to lie, Counting all those coins for last week’s competition was horrible. The euro copper coins are horrible. For anyone who pays for stuff exclusively with platinum credit cards or hasn’t had the pleasure of handling the endangered species that is the euro, they’re tiny, annoying and pretty much pointless. Like copper versions of Jedward.

Having to count them all out wasn’t the nicest experience I’ve ever had in my bedroom I have to admit, but if it’s all the in the name of creating a competition that can’t be ruined by Google or using the bit of Wikipedia that’s actually accurate, it’s worth the effort. Last week I asked you to guess or estimate (never guesstimate) the total number of coins in my penny jar. I’ve gone through the answers, removed anyone that used the word ‘guesstimate’ and picked out the winner.

We must have a lot Satanists reading this blog, because eight people guessed it was 666 – the mark of the beast. And Simon Cowell’s phone number. The actual answer was 896 coins and I should know because I had to count them all. There were a few close guesses, but incredibly, we got one answer that was – literally – bang on the money. Liam Staunton was the genius in question who worked that out and he gets a Free €90 Bet. Well done Liam. You’re the best coin counter there’s ever been.

For any geeks like me out there, I did the ‘Wisdom Of Crowds‘ thing and it turns out the Paddy Power Blog crowd are about as wise as telling the Murdochs you’ll help them buy BskyB. The average of all the guesses was 623 and despite not knowing what it means, I can tell you the median is even further off the mark, coming in at 568. Come on guys, next time we have to try and be more average.

There’s more (possibly numbers guessing-based) competition fun on the way.


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