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PADCAST: Hodgson for England and Liverpool v Chelsea

by Aidan Elder | May 3, 2012

Kenny Dalglish

The Padcast – Episode 33

Redknapp spurned and Hodgson recruited

It has been an eventful few days in the world of English football. After dragging their heels for long enough for Spurs to go into a tailspin, the FA finally decided Harry wasn’t the man for them and went instead for Roy Hodgson who went all of 4 minutes before being ridiculed by The Sun.
The Padcast caught up with Rory Smith, football correspondent with The Times for a Hogdson-focussed chinwag.

Liverpool’s bid to pretend this season hasn’t been a complete a total failure continues on Saturday when they take on Chelsea in the FA Cup Final. Will another cup in the trophy cabinet be enough to secure his future at the club? Does it make it a successful season for the Reds? Will it make Andy Carroll look like a good bit of business? Former Liverpool star Jason McAteer answered some of those questions by saying:

“If Kenny was to win the FA Cup, then everyone will just remember that Liverpool won two trophies this season and the league position will go out the window. I could see him being given another oppoprtunity to buy in the summer and go again.”

McAteer was infamously one of the culprits in ‘White Gucci Suits’ episode of the 1996 FA Cup Final, but the Scouser the experience hasn’t diminished his fondness for the competition. Although the same may not be said for the final’s expensively revamped venue.

“The FA have killed Wembley. It’s not Wembley as I knew it. The long walk from the dressing rooms is gone. It’s very, very corporate and it’s got the feel of an airport. It feels like any other new stadium and that legacy, history and aura is gone,” he tells our Padcast.

Well, at least he’ll be able to pick up some duty-free as he’s getting manhandled out of the stadium on his next visit. Listen to our Padcast for the full interviews with McAteer and Smith, featuring some very interesting insights from the press box and the apparently soulless corporate box.

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