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We have a winner and a case of public indecency

by Aidan Elder | May 9, 2012

Hello there, everybody.
Apologies about not getting back to the majority of your blog competition comments over the last few days. Apologies also for the delay in announcing the result of last week’s competition. I was due back from my holidays yesterday, but there was an incident involving a beach, a gust of wind going up my speedos and a badly timed glance at a breast-feeding mother … let’s just say the Guardia Civil don’t really accept perfectly innocent explanations for public exposure.

I’m back now and I’ve broken out my infamous hat of quiz-ending jeopardy. If only I’d had the hat on holiday it would have been able to cover up my unfortunate … gust of pants-focussed wind. Honest, that’s all it was.

Anyway, the flags on the map were meant to point towards West Brom, Liverpool, West Ham, Everton, Coventry, Birmingham and Sheffield Wednesday. If you Google or Wikipedia-ed correctly, that should have pointed you in the direction of David Burrows, who – if my memory of my Liverpool Annual 1990 is true – may or may not have been nicknamed Bugsy.

What is more certain and less reliant on my hazy memories of childhood is that he won the FA Cup with Liverpool in 1992 which would have felt like a more topical reference if they’d actually won the FA Cup over the weekend.

Here’s a picture of him wearing a pair of shorts not dissimilar to the ones that got me in trouble on that beach.
David Burrows

I don’t know if this competition was put up on a Cosmopolitan forum or some other lazy e-stereotype about where women hang around online, but there were a lot more answers from the females than I usually get. It doesn’t affect the result or anything, I’m just wondering how I’ve reached out to the female audience without making any effort whatsoever. The name drawn randomly out of the hat belongs to David Heney who sounds very much like a man. Thanks to everyone sharing it on the social networks of this world he wins a Free €95 Bet, which I’m told he’s going to put on Blackburn avoiding relegation this season. Best of luck with that David.

Thanks for playing and sorry if you didn’t win/were in my eye line on that Spanish beach.
There may be some more competition fun soon.


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