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Chelsea defy Bayern’s odds of 1/40 to claim the Champions League

by Aidan Elder | May 21, 2012

We thought Chelsea used up all their drama in the games with Napoli and Barcelona. We were wrong. As wrong as spending £27.7m on Shaun-Wright Phillips.

After several hundred million spent in transfer fees and years of heart-break, Roman Abramovich finally landed the prize that convinced him to throw his billions at football all those years ago. The odds didn’t look good for Chelsea. They were missing John Terry – depriving them of their lion-hearted captain fantastic on the pitch and more worryingly for his team-mates, leaving him alone with the WAGS in the stands.

Here’s a look at the odds to lift the trophy over the course of Chelsea’s remarkable night in Munich:

Champions League Final Live Odds

Kick-off: With several absentees, the task of beating Bayern on their own patch and the ill-will of millions of Spurs fans, Chelsea go into the game as big underdogs. Bayern aren’t especially thrilling, but they are German and therefore expected to perform with ruthless efficiency on the big occasion. The odds: 4/11 Bayern, 2/1 Chelsea

Half Time: Bayern make the running, but butcher several decent chances. Chelsea aren’t completely toothless, however, and carry a certain amount of threat on the counter-attack. There are some platitudes about Chelsea’s work ethic and spirited defending, but really it looks like a matter of time before Bayern take control of the game. The odds: 2/5 Bayern, 15/8 Chelsea

80 mins: The second-half continues in a similar vein to the first, with the Bayern strikers showing all the composure of Gary Neville commentating on a Fernando Torres goal when handed gilt-edged chances. The odds: 4/9 Bayern, 7/4 Chelsea

83 mins: Despite displaying the deft touch of the horse in Buckaroo for most of the evening, Thomas Mueller puts Bayern in the lead with a less than convincing header that somehow gets past Petr Cech and the crossbar. Unconvincing it might be, but with time running out it looks like Chelsea are about to be served another steaming portion of Champions League agony. The odds: 1/40 Bayern, 12/1 Chelsea

88 mins: As we’ve seen in Chelsea’s run to the final, it’s rarely that simple and Didier Drogba levels things thanks to Bayern thinking about their victory speeches. He gets on the end of a Juan Mata corner to power a header past Manuel Neuer who reacts with all the speed of someone who looks like he was thinking about a victory speech. Chelsea can’t quite give Bayern the kick in the nuts Solskjaer and Sheringham managed in 1999, so we’re heading for extra-time. The odds: 4/6 Bayern, Chelsea 5/4

93 mins: Extra time begins and it’s pretty much the same pattern as normal time – only with added ‘Gareth Southgate’. Drogba gives away a penalty with a pretty lame tackle, but that lameness pales in comparison to Robben penalty. Well done to Cech for saving it, but it’s a bad penalty. The odds: 8/11 Bayern, 11/10 Chelsea

Full time in extra time: Bayern continue to waste good chance after good chance. After another 20 minutes or so of finding ways not to stick the ball in the back of the Chelsea net, it’s time for a penalty shoot-out. It’s the toss of the coin mixed with Russian Roulette mixed with some crappy penalties. Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Allianz Arena, John Terry slips into his full Chelsea kit. The odds: 9/10 Bayern, 9/10 Chelsea

A few minutes later, Paddy Power is weeping like a Spurs fan as Chelsea’s victory triggers a Money-Back Special refund of over £1 million.


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