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Video: Gordon Ramsay gets F-Worded up by Teddy Sheringham

by Rob Dore | May 28, 2012

Gordon Ramsay may be sending a Facebook friend request to Andy Cole this morning so they can share their common hatred for the wrinkly Peter Pan that is Teddy Sheringham.

During last night’s Soccer Aid charity game at Old Trafford, which is supposed to be played for fun and fundraising, 46-year-old Sheringham thought it appropriate to smash 45-year-old Ramsay from behind, getting nowhere near the ball. It was a nasty tackle which led to the celebrity chef having to be stretchered off.

The real aim of the match is to raise money for the needy as well as helping already wealthy and successful celebrities to fulfil yet another of their life-long dreams.

Sheringham viewed it differently. For the former United and Spurs player it was an opportunity to stroke his ego, show these soft celebs how the game is really played and impress whichever 19-year-old he’s currently dated.

For once our sympathy lies with Mr Ramsay. Enjoy it Gordon, it won’t last long.

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