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Infographic: How Ireland qualified for Euro 2012

by Sean Goff | June 5, 2012
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Infographic design: Melissa Stolberg. Words: Josh Powell and Sean Goff

Every four years since 1960 the little continent of Europe has hosted 16 teams to contest the European Football Championships.

2012 is one of those years and the good news is that Ireland, its most westernly outpost (except for Iceland) has qualified for the first time since 1988 when Ray Houghton (last seen filling Irish fans’ camper vans with Paddy Power in Dublin this morning for the trip to Poland) put the ball in the English net.

To celebrate our good fortune and to help with the general mood of optimistic Irish banter before the tournament begins Paddy Power’s Blog team has put together a few fun facts ‘n’ figures. These can be used to either fleece the company for a few quid or impress your mates in the pub when the inevitable “How’ll we do at the Euros” question gets popped.

And any references to 1988 you don’t get, just ask your Da who’s been dining out on the “I was behind the goal in Stuttgart when ..” line ever since.

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