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A Grand time at camp Ireland

by Sean Goff | June 6, 2012
Sopot, Poland

CAMP IRELAND: The Irish squad is based at the Spa town of Sopot in Poland

So. Here I am, in Poland because you couldn’t be bothered to just get a Ford Transit and solder half a caravan to the back of it and drive a paltry 2,183km to get here.

Have a good, long, hard look at yourself.

Anyhow, it’s day two in Ireland camp and I’d a brief walk around the town of Sopot.

The town is one of the three that make up the Trójmiasto – a metropolitan aggregation (easy for you to say) commonly known as the Tri-City.

It’s a major tourist destination, which is fairly easy to understand given the proximity to the beach and its fabulous wooden pier that, at 515m long is the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Every other city should have wooden pier envy reading that.It also has a long history as a spa destination and was hugely popular with wealthy Germans, including Emperor Wilhelm II, and if you google the Grand Hotel you will see a hotel so opulent and over the top that it would make Michael Flatley blush.

Sopot is full of quaint, gothic style architecture too – so much so, that you half expect to see Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter setting up to shoot another Tim Burton movie.

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