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Name the stadium for your chance to win a Free Bet

by Aidan Elder | June 6, 2012


Thanks for your entries, but it’s time to pick a winner.

The answer is the Camp Nou in Barcelona which I think we can all agree looks far less impressive from the outside. The Stade Geoffroy Guichard, home of St. Etienne was a popular incorrect guess, but only because someone erroneously put it in the comments section and I forgot to delete it. Sorry about that, but it teaches everyone for copying another boys work : P

The winner of a Free €25 Bet is Damien Hanrahan. There’s more competition fun coming soon.


I recently had a few days off and some time to do what I love most – travel around Europe taking random photos of football grounds for use in Paddy Power Blog competitions.

In honour of Euro 2012 and travelling to the great economic basket-case that is continental Europe, we’re casting our eyes abroad for a series of competitions.

  • Each day up to the start of the tournament in Polkraine, we’ll post a picture of a random stadium from somewhere in Europe.

  • Using your cunning, guile and any clues you can decipher from the picture, you need to tell us the name of the stadium.

Apart from being really difficult, it’s actually quite simple.

It’s day eight and again I think it’s an easy one. But I would say that because I was the official bus driver for this club’s under 12s kung fu keepy-uppies C team. That’s me parked waiting for Manfred, Antoine and the boys on the left hand side of the picture.

Win A Free Bet

Win a Free Bet for identifying this place

Send your answer to with or without the subject line ‘donde esta la biblioteca?’ Don’t put your answers in the comments section below because if you happen to be right, you’ll be giving everyone else the right answer.

It’s one guess per person, I’m afraid and if there’s no winner, the prize will roll over to the next day. If there’s more than one correct answer, then it’s all about my hat of ‘competition ending jeopardy’ and the winner will be drawn at random.

There’s a £/€25 Free Bet up for grabs and before you start saying ‘that’s way tighter than normal’, you’re right, but we are going to be running competitions each day. It may be a smaller prize, but you’re going to have more chances to win over the course of the next few days. Swings and Free Bet roundabouts.

Get your answers in before 10am tomorrow (Thursday, June 7) and I’ll announce the winner soon after.

– Customers must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and be old enough to remember National Lampoon’s European Vacation, which is essentially the inspiration for this competition.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be ridiculed.


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