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Download: Euro 2012 Sweepstakes Kit

by Paddy Power Admin | June 8, 2012

Fancy a bit of friendly rivalry with your office pals or, better still, your family? Download Paddy Power’s Euro 2012 Sweepstakes Kit for the big kick-off and soon you’ll be fighting like Joey Barton at a Monopoly party.

Just print off the kit from the link below, cut out the teams, and drop them into a hat or a mag. Then get picking. No fighting over the Germans, now.

We’ve used Paddy Power’s latest odds (subject to change) but feel free to pick your own. Set a price for each team (we’d suggest starting at €1/£1) and ask each person to pick one, without looking. Then write down the person’s name next to their team to avoid any arguments later! When Euro 2012 is done, split the prize-fund any way you choose.

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