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Charlize Theron: Why I’m backing Spain for Euro 2012

by Paddy Power Admin | June 9, 2012

CHEEKY CHARLIZE: A shortage of black strappy material left Ms Theron feeling nippy (Image Getty)

Charlize Theron has restraining orders against (most) all members of the Paddy Power Blog team.

But our showbiz writer pal Patricia Danaher had no such problems squeezing a few words on Euro 2012 out of one of the world’s most beautiful women for us. The pair met in London at a Press junket this week for the new Prometheus blockbuster.

Theron tried to do Ireland a favour at the 2010 World Cup draw and it sounds like she now wants to do Irish actor Michael Fassbender a favour too. Like most of the female population, footie fan Theron has the hots for her Prometheus co-star and “can’t decide whether I want to kill him or f*** him, hmmm”. That’s what she told Patricia. Hot in here? Or just us?

However, she won’t be cheering for Ireland in the European championships next month.

 “I’ll be cheering for Spain actually, sorry about that. They just make it so much easier and they’re such a pleasure to watch. My ole, ole will be for Spain in Europe,” Charlize told Patricia with a shrug.

In the interests of balance (and potential law suits) for the laydeez, Michael Fassbender, who has a German father and an Irish mother, says he’ll definitely be cheering for Ireland at Euro 2012.

“It’s gotta be Ireland, doesn’t it? Germany have won it so many times, we’ve gotta get one in there some time!,” he told Patricia with a grin.

Well, if he’s looking to get one in…  Shame

But Fassbender is bored with people talking about his dangly bits, with everyone from George Clooney to Theron making public comments about his appendage since Shame.

“It’s very annoying with Shame the way people keep talking about the external stuff they saw and not the painful stuff that was going on internally for that character. I suppose it says more about the people who’re making the comments.”

Nevermind Michael, everyone will be too busy checking Paddy Power’s online odds for Euro 2012 to worry about it.

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