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Video: Classic Euros moments in a Lego style

by Aidan Elder | June 9, 2012

This is brilliant. Bringing together the classic moments of the European Championships and the classic interlocking plastic bricks game otherwise known as Lego. Yes, someone clearly has too much time on their hands, but when the output is this good, I’m sure the lack of a social life it well worth it.

Starting with Michel Platini opening a can of whup-ass on everyone at Euro 84 (when the Lego hair seems to accurately reflect the trends of the era), it takes in some of the most memorable moments of the European Championship. And gives them a blocky makeover.

Then there’s Ray Houghton (slightly flattered by the uniform height of the Lego men) putting the ball in the English net to give Ireland a sense of revenge for 800 years of imperial oppression and – even worse – 30 years of Carry On movies.

Ray Houghton

A strangely tall Ray Houghton scores against England

There was more pain for England in 1992 as Tomas Brolin – with more of a washboard stomach than many will recall from money – put Graeme ‘The Turnip’ Taylor’s men out of the tournament. Luckily the tabloid press treated the disappointment in their usual sensitive and delicate style.


The mood of a nation captured. That nation being Legoland

It wasn’t all bad times however because fur years later, football came home. Gazza’s stunning goal an infamous ‘dentist’s chair’ celebration looks extra amazing in stop-motion, Lego format. And who could forget Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce slaying his penalty demons before scarring a few children with his passionate celebration, It’s still scary, even in Lego world.

Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce – even scary as a Lego man

Check out the video here:


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