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Video: Nicklas Bendtner flashes his Paddy Power lucky pants

by Rob Dore | June 15, 2012

Nicklas Bendtner has been given a slap on the wrist by the Danish FA and is due another from UEFA on Monday for displaying his Paddy Power lucky pants as he celebrated his second goal against Portugal.

He was just giving credit where credit was due.

However UEFA, it seems, hates luck. Or pants. Maybe it’s just green pants. It’s hard to know with that lot to be honest. Some have suggested it may be due to the fact that he appeared to be promoting Paddy Power but that seems unlikely. Would there have been a problem if he flashed his Calvin Klein’s instead? Of course he probably wouldn’t have scored then but the point is valid(ish).

The result is that The Danish striker will now have to compete against Germany without his blessed briefs, as he attempts to secure progression to the knock-out stages. Or at least wear a pair of less beneficent boxers over them, which may affect their powers. We can’t be sure.

Bendtner is 9/1 to score first against Germany but can he do it without his lucky pants?

Do you have a pair of Paddy Power lucky pants? If so, let us know how they’ve changed your fortune. Interesting stories accompanied by proof will be rewarded. Not richly but rewarded nonetheless.




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