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Dreaming of a team of Roy Keanes?

by Josh Powell | June 17, 2012

By Ciaran O Raghallaigh

Roy Keane wants Giovanni Trapattoni to make 11 changes for tomorrow’s game against Italy.

Ignoring the fact that UEFA would throw the book at Ireland for fielding a weakened team (against Trap’s homeland, no less), Roy is in trouble as there are only 23 squad members here – including three goalkeepers.

Assuming Roy, who hasn’t had a job as a manager in a while, hasn’t forgotten you can only play one goalkeeper, then that leaves us with just ten outfield options, and he’s already said that NOT ONE player has performed well for Ireland.

So, some of the players in the all new XI are players that have already flopped. But hey, who cares about logic when you’re on a rant…

Here’s the team we think Roy would pick if he could;

Keane; Keane, Keane, Keane, Keane; Keane, Keane, Keane, Keane; Keane, Keane.

Ok, ok, if that team isn’t possible, due to retirement or an unwillingness to put his country ahead of a personal gripe then this is the other XI:

Westwood; Kelly, O’Dea, McShane; McClean, Green, Gibson, Hunt; Long, Walters, Cox.

Anyone see that team giving the fans anything to sing about?

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