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Trap lays the smack down on Roy Keane’s jibes

by Josh Powell | June 17, 2012

By Ciaran O’Raghallaigh

Ireland trained in Poznan’s Municipal Stadium today ahead of their final game of Euro 2012 and it all went smoothly, without any drama whatsoever, just a run of the mill press conference where Giovanni Trapattoni named his team and……hold on, no, that’s wrong.

It was epic.

The few words you are about to read are likely to be more entertaining than tomorrow’s match. Actually, they’re certain to be.

Trap was joined by Robbie Keane and captain for the day Damien Duff (who’s winning his 100th cap) and he spoke glowingly of Duffer, Robbie and playing Italy again.

But enough about that, you can talk football tomorrow and complain about his predictable lineup another time. Let’s get to the meaty stuff.

Roy Keane made sure that even though he wasn’t playing, he was the man everyone was talking about at World Cup 2002 – and guess what, he’s at it again.


Since Thursday’s defeat to Spain, the former Ireland and Man United midfielder has let rip at all and sundry, including Trapattoni.

But – and this is a big but, if you want to get into a mickey swinging contest with another coach, you better make sure you’re filling your shorts.
Keane v Trap? Let’s just say the Corkman is a cocktail sausage when it comes to management.

“Roy has been a great player with great success, but I don’t know if he has achieved the same as a coach or manager,” Trap said, knowing full well that his CV is bigger than Roy’s will ever be.
“I can ask him why? For an intelligent man, I can’t understand.”

But hold on, that was not quite enough for Trap.

Off microphone, and in Italian – the man nicknamed ‘Maestro’ throughout European football for his incredible success, let rip. “Non ha mai vinto un cazzo! Non ha fatto niente” he said.

Oh, you need a translation? “He never won a damn thing. He did nothing.”

Roy said today that the Ireland players loved ‘having a dig when I said something’, and he added that he’d be ‘ready if they do’.

Well, the big man has spoken.

Your turn Roy.

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