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WIN! 300 pairs of Paddy Power Lucky Pants to give away

by Paddy Power Admin | June 21, 2012

NOTE: This competition is now closed and winning entries are being processed.

Forget Mario Gomez, Nicklas Bendtner or Ronaldo. The real star of Euro 2012 has been Paddy Power’s Lucky Pants.

Arsenal striker Bendtner (24) wheeled away after scoring his excellent second header against Portugal in the group stages to reveal that not only has he supreme confidence, but supreme taste in men’s undergarments.

Nicklas Bendtner

JUST PANTS: Nicklas Bendtner bags a brace against Portugal – now you can score like him (pic Getty)

The Paddy Power Blog team weren’t the only ones impressed. Twitter has exploded and Scarlett Johansson wants to get inside our pants in a fresh twist on sexual shenanigans.

Here’s some of the pictures of delighted Paddy Power customers who are already celebrating scoring in their new Lucky Pants.

We asked for pictures of you wearing your lucky Paddy Power pants…and you obliged…sort of.

Now there’s great news for those who haven’t scored in years. We’ve raided Paddy’s drawers and now the Paddy Power Blog has 300 more pairs of Lucky Pants to give away. That’s enough to see you off on summer holiday and through the winter.

To enter, it’s pretty easy.

  • Just tell us WHY you deserve these lucky pants in the comments section (below) of this post.
  • To stand a better chance of winning a pair of lucky pants Tweet us a picture of your unluckiest pants with a brief explanation as to why they’re so unlucky.
  • Be cheeky, be inventive but for the love of Paddy don’t be filthy. That applies almost solely to the pants

That’s the only way to enter this competition. Only the answers which amuse us most will be successful. The Paddy Power Blog team’s decision is final. Simple. Make us laugh. Be original. Entrants must be over 18.

The competition is open from June 21 for one week until 5pm on June 28.

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