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Politics: Rubio drifts in betting to run with Romney

by Paddy Power Admin | June 22, 2012

ROM COM: Mitt must pick a running mate, but questions remain about his choice

By Stephanie Anderson | U.S. politics

Mitt Romney’s campaign team has started the process of vetting potential Republican Vice Presidential candidates.

But it appears a question-mark remains over Marco Rubio (42), Florida’s junior senator, after some news reports claimed he was not on the list.

Rubio’s name has previously dominated Republican Vice President speculation, and many think he would be the natural choice for Romney (65).

He has Tea Party support and the Latino connections Republican strategists could capitalise on.

Marco Rubio

MAKING HIS MARCO: But Rubio may now not be on the Republican VP wish list

A long-term favourite in the market, Rubio is now out from 2/1 to 11/4 in betting with Paddy Power.

Current favourite, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, has been well-backed by the punters. His credentials as a veteran politician and policy maker seem to outweigh his relative obscurity amongst the US public – many VP candidates are unknowns before they take the position.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama is still odds-on to win the race and get his second term, but poor economic recovery and the fear there will be no good news before November has seen the price drift from 1/2 to 4/7 over the last few weeks, with Romney now on offer at 11/8.

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