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Pirlo and the five cheekiest penalties of all time

by Sean Goff | June 25, 2012

By Sean Goff | Sports writer

The dreaded penalty shoot-out. It turns legs to jelly and can make or break a player’s place in the fans’ (team-mates and managers) affections. Some agonise over the spot kick practising and planing for their moment in the spotlight. Others, like the cast below are happy to take the p***.

Pirlo penalty v Joe Hart at Euro 2012

Tired of England keeper Joe Hart’s grandstanding, Italian playmaker Andrea Pirlo makes a monkey of the ‘World’s No. 1’ with this audacious chip. We don’t know what the Italian for Cojones is – but Pirlo’s got them. Oh yes.

Theyab Awana goes viral v Lebanon

Theyab Awana was tragically killed in a car crash after becoming an internet sensation when this back-heeled penalty for the UAE in a 6-2 win over Lebanon went viral. Was forced to apologise to the team manager and coach but has since been immortalised by this cheeky piece of bravado.

Johann Cryuff rewrites rule book

It’s 1982 and the TV has just been invented in time to catch legendary Dutch ace Johann Cryuff get the boffins thumbing through the rule book to see if the goal should stand. It did but the rules have changed since.

Just Jokinen around

Joonas Jokinen is not a name that has graced the latter rounds of European or World football…yet. Not too many people got to witness the Finnish U-16 hot shot’s effort live but Paddy Power had a man in the camp. We believe he was German. 

In the line of fire

And finally, Hartford keeper Nenad Cucic tries to put his Bruce Grobbelaar videos to good use on how to put a player off when confronted by Berian Gobail.  But Gobail has the last laugh and smacks the keeper down before his team-mates let him down and they fall for Cucic’s antics. 

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