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by Aidan Elder | June 27, 2012


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That wasn’t very tough at all. I thought it was a whopper of a brainteaser that would bring head-scratching and sleepless nights to all our competition-enterers, but it turned out to be easier than predicting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ legally binding arrangement marriage would end prematurely.

The answer was Fredi Bobic, who won Euro 96 with Germany and then no doubt topped that feeling by scoring a hat-trick for Bolton against Ipswich six years later. For anyone who hasn’t already found his Wikipedia page, Bobic played for Ditzingen, Stuttgarter Kickers, Stuttgart, Borussia Dortmund, Bolton Wanderers, Hannover, Hertha Berlin and NK Rijeka in Croatia.

The winner drawn out at random from my hat of quiz-ending jeopardy was Martin Whelan and he gets a Free €64 Bet for his combination of skill and jamminess. All that and a snazzy website where he’ll take your wedding photos or take a picture of a small jack russell. Life is good for Mr. Whelan.

I’ll have more competition fun when I can come up with a competition for this week.


Hello and welcome to what might be the last edition of Whose Career Is It Anyway? of the season. I’m not sure yet. Depends how creative I am over the next few days. So there’s a good chance I’ll be rehashing it next week.

Anyhoo, I think this one is a toughie, but I’ve thought that before and been more wrong than socks with sandals. There’s no clues, but considering the last two episodes of WCIIA? featured Euro 88 WINNER Hans van Breukelen and Euro 2000 WINNER Christian Karembeu, there might be a certain line of enquiry worth perusing for this one.

The answer may be trickier than proving John Travolta is straight but the concept is as easy as proving Tom Cruise is this content has been removed following legal insistence.

Take a look at the picture below but then you’ll have to come back and read the rest of this before entering. This isn’t a map spotting competition.

After you’ve looked at the map, find out which clubs the flags on the map are referring to and then tell me what player those clubs correspond to.

Basically they indicate all the senior clubs this player has played for (including loans). Simply figure out what the clubs are and from there you can figure out who has played for all those clubs. THEN you send in your answer. See below the map for details.

Competition: Whose Career Is It Anyway

Win a free bet for knowing about football and maps


  • Send your answer to with the subject line ‘I know my football and maps’. Or don’t, it doesn’t really make any difference to your entry.
  • DON’T PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION – you’ll only be helping an opponent and giving me license to take the piss out of you. You’re allowed more than one guess, but you’re clever and probably won’t need it.



The prize starts off as a €/£50 Free Bet, but will grow by one euro or pound for every time this tweet gets retweeted or every time this competition gets shared on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. That should boost the fund rather substantially and you might win that prize, so you should definitely do it. In the event we get more than one correct answer, the winner shall be drawn from my hat of mystery.

Get your answers in before 10am on Tuesday 3rd July and I’ll announce the winner soon after. You can use the comments section for begging for clues or general observations on life, but NO ANSWERS please

– Customers must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and be old enough to remember European Championships not ruined by constant playing of ‘Three Lions’.
– Maximum size of the free bet will be €/£150.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be ridiculed.


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