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Euro 2012: Paddy Power’s Big Game Bingo

by Rob Dore | June 28, 2012

With England and Ireland out we understand that it’s difficult to build the same yourself up in to the same fevered state, even with with added alcohol. Especially when the games are as dull as last night’s 0-0 borefest between Spain and Italy.

That’s why we’ve come up with our revolutionary new game, Paddy Power’s Big Game Bingo. Revolutionary means rehashing old ideas in a half-arsed manner for some cheap laughs right? Good.

It’s a pretty simple game. Look at the card, have a chuckle, get some beers in, turn the game on as soon as the coverage starts and mark off the squares as they happen. Whether it’s catching Joachim Loew rooting around inside his nostrils and then pretending to bite his nails as he deposits the green treat into his mouth or a pundit rolling out the ‘110%’ cliché.

Joachim Loew tries to scratch his brain via his nostril

The winner is the one who fills his/her card first. If all of these events do occur during BBC’s coverage we suggest you reward the winner with alcohol. Lots of it.

You can even bet on a few of the events mentioned in the game.

  • Joachim Loew Nose Picking Betting
  • Number of players to sing national anthem Betting
  • BBC Pundits Betting
  • Germany v Italy Betting
  • Your comments and views

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