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PADCAST: Rory Smith on why the three lions failed to roar

by Josh Powell | June 28, 2012

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Rory Smith is one of the top football writers in the Times and joins the Padcast to dissect where it all went wrong for the three lions.

From grass-roots level to Roy’s tactics, Rory tells us what needs to change if England are to start producing the goods on the big stage. He also takes some time out to study England’s atrocious penalty record.

‘It can’t be technique because it’s basically kicking a ball really hard in to a goal from 12 yards and I’m sure all professional footballers do this fairly regularly. It’s an interesting phenomenon that you can have a country so bad at what is quite a simple task.’

We look at our most memorable moments of Euro 2012 so far and sing the praises of some of the top performances at Poland and Ukraine. Expect to hear us eulogise about Alonso, Pirlo and Ozil but probably not Rooney, O’Shea or Barros!

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