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Euro 2012 Final: Paddy Power’s Big Game Bingo

by Rob Dore | July 1, 2012

We’re not saying tonight’s game is going to be boring but just in case it gets bogged down in a mire of midfield maestro-ism, we’ve whipped together another version of our patented Paddy Power Big Game Bingo.

Print it out, get your pen ready and mark the clichés and inevitable pundit-isms as they occur from the start of pre-match build-up, right up to Gary Lineker’s cheesey sign-off.

Hopefully we’ll all be too busy watching the game but we liked to be prepared for worst. Particularly when Italy are playing in a major football final. Put a little money in the pot, a few beers in the fridge and let’s get going. Dare I bingoing? Sorry.

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