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Poll: Are Spain the greatest team, like, ever?

by Rob Dore | July 1, 2012

What we witnessed in the final of Euro 2012 was something special. Whatever your allegiance, wherever your money lay there can be no other reasonable, sane, mature option but to applaud and appreciate the making of history.

That this Spain team is great there can be no question. Vicente Del Bosque may well have altered the way that football will be played in the future. At the very least he and the unbelievably talented players he has at his disposal have shown the world that you don’t need need to be six-foot plus and super-athletic to play football and win. Hell, you don’t even need to play with a striker.

Fernando Torres (28) may have nabbed a late goal and the Golden Boot but his efforts were largely superfluous as the passing brilliance of Xavi (32), Andres Iniesta (28) and Cesc Fabregas (25), to name a few, was what did for the Italians. The Azzuri were unlucky to lose Thiago Motta to injury minutes after bringing him on as their third substitute but their stars, Mario Balotelli (21) and Andrea Pirlo (33), had already been outshone by then. 4-0 was tough but there is no question the better team won.

Regardless of revolutionary implications where does this team stand amongst the great international teams of years gone by?

Are they better than the Brazil of Pelé at his peak, the team which won the 1970 World Cup playing football which still inspires to this day?

The recent French team, led by the mercurial Zinedine Zidane, winning the World Cup in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000?

Or even, if you’re feeling particularly patriotic, England’s World Cup winning side of 1966?

If there’s a team we haven’t included then let us know about it in the comments section below, feel free to let explain exactly why in a hilarious rant. There may be some kind of reward. Pants-like perhaps.

Have we just witnessed the greatest international football team that’s has ever played the game of football? If not Spain, then who?

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