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Video: Brazilian ref gets punched, takes it like a champ

by Rob Dore | July 8, 2012

This one was spotted over on where just like in the movie Jerry Maguire, they had us at ‘Bonkers Brazil’.

A very lower league match between two sides you’ve never heard of, Desportiva Ferroviaria and Tupy-ES, erupted in to interest when the referee awarded a penalty and the Tupy-ES players kicked off.

Unhappy with his decision they trailed after him like disco-skanks follow drunk footballers and when the ref had enough and flashed a red card at the Tupy-ES number 9, the striker lashed out with his fist. The ref barely even flinched though and the player now faces a lengthy suspension and a lifetime of knowing he punches like a five-year old girl. Or a five-year old boy. I’ve fought both and there isn’t much of a difference in power.

Oh and there was also four missed penalties in this game. Insert your own England joke here.


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