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5 things you must do if you’ve got the F.E.A.R.

by Paddy Power Admin | July 10, 2012

(Football Emptiness Anxiety Reflux)

By Paul Mallon

It’s now less than one month to the start of the new Premier League season. But that’s still four weeks. Wars have been lost in the same time. Hell, this time four weeks ago, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were still in the throes of wedded passion. Ahem.

Here on the Paddy Power Blog, we’re using this lull in football activity to finally master Krav Maga and perfect the tonality of our Cantonese. In the remaining three weeks, we may attempt some of the following…

TAKE IT LIKE A MAN: After two days of no footie, Paddy was feeling the effects

#5. Face the facts

That book she’s reading — it’s not Richard Keys’ moody biography of Andy Gray. You could wrestle Fifty Shades of Grey from her clammy, frenzied grasp and see what all the fuss is about. But, let’s face it, it’s terrifying. Instead, get your brain fact-fit for the monster Premier League season that’s around the corner with the Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2012/2013.

#4. Plan an epic footie trip

You know those mates you don’t see as much of these days? The selfish ones with the annoying kids? It’s your duty to remind them of the good times. Our fixtures planner for the upcoming season is available to download here. Manchester City at home to Manchester United on December 8 sounds like an epic pre-Christmas weekend. Although right now, given The F.E.A.R., West Ham at Stoke sounds like a cracker. Not Big Sam might agree.

YOU’VE COME SOFA: Nobody was impressed by the smell but most suspected Dixon

#3. Prepare to face the cabbies

There’s no event on Earth taxi drivers anticipate more than the Olympics. These doyens of sporting fact will soon be riddling your brain on the finer points of archery. Check out the list of sports from the official site here, then get your pre-Olympic bet on with Paddy Power here. And take no guff from the men in black (cabs). Yes, Usain Bolt can be beaten. He might not even win a medal.

#2. Cheer on Spain’s reserves

Of course, one of the most anticipated events at London 2012 will be the football. There’s no David Beckham in the team, but his old (and we mean old) Manchester United team-mate Ryan Giggs (38) will captain Team GB. Elsewhere, Brazil will bring Marcelo of Real Madrid, Thiago Silva of AC Milan, Santos wonderboy Neymar and Porto’s prolific striker Hulk to the party. Spain’s reserve stars — Jordi Alba, Juan Mata and David De Gea — are likely to feature too while alongside Giggs, Liverpool’s Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards of Manchester City will keep English interest high. Click here for Olympic football betting.

#1. Go to the cinema, or stream live Brazilian footie

Chill out. Read some books. Do some spinning classes. Go to see the new Amazing Spider-man movie. It’s good. The new Batman movie is out soon too. Get in some girlfriend/boyfriend time. Or both. There’s a lot of Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night football around the corner. Not forgetting Friday nights, if you’re into the League of Ireland. Somebody is. Of course, there’s live betting on as well as live football for free on PPTV. Check out the schedule here.

Still got the F.E.A.R? Let the dulcet tones of Ian Brown soothe your frazzled mind.

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