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Video of the Day: Iain Dowie does Fenton. Fenton!!

by Rob Dore | July 10, 2012

After years of imitating a professional footballer, Iain Dowie put his acting chops to work by doing an impromptu recreation of the wildly popular YouTube ‘Fenton!’ video.

While being interviewed during a PFA Legends tournament in Barbados, Graham Fenton, formerly of Aston Villa, Blackburn and Blyth Spartans, takes off. Dowie hilariously trues to bring him to heel.

Alan Shearer tries to join in but his half-hearted effort is put to shame by Dowie’s committed performance. It may be because he’s used to aimlessly running around a pitch not being able to keep up. That may be a low blow but he is in Barbados playing football with Alan Shearer, so he can take it.

Without a job since being sacked by Hull in 2010, Dowie may be well advised to try his luck in Hollywood. Before anyone suggests that he could play the part of Sloth in a remake of Goonies, we’ve already beaten you to the punch. “Hey, you guys!” Classic.

Dowie does ‘Fenton!’

The original

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