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PADCAST: Scottish football faces a revolution

by Josh Powell | July 11, 2012

CLOSED FOR BUSINESS: With Rangers in free-fall Scottish football faces a revolution

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‘I expect Rangers to be in a second tier, if the Scottish Football League clubs vote on Friday to put them in the third division I expect there would be some form of movement to create a Scottish Premier League 2’. Grant Russell, Scottish Television sports journalist.

This Friday the 13th Rangers might have their worst nightmares confirmed as the SFL decide their fate. On the Padcast this week we are joined by Grant Russell from STV who knows the story inside-out and gives his opinion on what this means for the club, the fans and the impact on Scottish football.

‘In the short-term there will definitely be a massive disparity in the competitiveness of the SPL going forward’, he says. ‘I don’t foresee a genuine title challenge from anyone in the short-term because the financial gap between Celtic and the other clubs remains to big.’

While Rangers are on the way down, Reading, Southampton and West Ham are on the up and we will be looking at whether or not they can mix it with the big boys in the top flight. Last season all three promoted clubs survived but there’s differing opinions on whether these three can last more than one season in the Premier League.

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