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Paddy Power on Undercover Boss live blog

by Rob Dore | July 16, 2012

Tonight on Channel 4 Paddy Power is featured on Undercover Boss. You’ll get to see a little of what happens inside Power Tower and we’ll all be hoping we didn’t tell our undercover boss to piss off as we barged past him in to the lift. Let’s see how it all went down.


22.10: Well that wasn’t too bad at all. William came across as a good egg and I get an extra day off. Everyone’s a winner! That’s more than enough pointless waffle for one night but I’m right chuffed.

22.00: Wait, do I get an extra day holiday this year? Sweet. He’s getting that hug after all.

21.58: Aww…it’s getting all emotional at the end. I’m going to give William a hug when I see him in work. Okay maybe not a hug but definitely a friendly nod.

21.50: There’s Paddy looking smooth. One of the people at that table buys lots of shots on nights out.

21.47: Ten minutes left and I haven’t appeared once. More importantly I’ve managed to not say anything offensive. It has been tough though. Really, really tough. I have a penchant for being offensive in a mildly amusing manner. I’m also aware I haven’t said anything of any interest either but I’ll still have a job tomorrow.

21.41: I asked my Mancunian colleague if all of Manchester is like this. He refused to answer knowing I’d hang him out to dry in a desperate effort to make this blog entertaining. If only for me.

21.34: Good work by Channel 4, they’ve managed to make my job seem way more dramatic than it did as I trundled in late this morning only half sure I was fully dressed. That’s why I’m doing this blog now.

21.26: I used to work on the phones back in my college days. I was especially awesome at it.

21.21: I can’t say I know Trish but she seems pretty darn kick-ass. Her and dancing man are the heroes of the show so far.

21.18: The last time there was a documentary type show recorded in Paddy Power I was filmed going mental at the tv after Liverpool scored. Not a good look. Back to the show in hand. As my colleague just pointed out you bet online for convenience, you go to the shops for the characters.

21.13: Hmmm…I’m wondering how ‘Paddy Power’ I can be in blogging about Paddy Power. So many jokes but so few job options if I get fired.

21.10: Ah now, who doesn’t love a dance?

21.05: Patrick? Mr Kennedy if you don’t mind. He’s my boss so obviously he’s a wonderful man. Yes this is me brown nosing.

21:02: Here we go….Paddy Power goes under the Channel 4 microscope. I hope I’m not in it. That won’t be good for anyone involved.

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