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VIDEO: Boxer Adrien Broner pulls off a classic fake proposal

by Josh Powell | July 24, 2012

99 PROBLEMS: Just the one is enough for Broner’s former girlfriend

Adrien Broner’s nickname in the ring is ‘The Problem’ which is probably pretty accurate after recent events.

Broner was due to defend his WBO Super Featherweight title against fellow American Vicente Escobedo in Ohio at the weekend but was struck with a serious case of the munchies. Unfortunately for ‘The Problem’ it appeared he was having plenty of difficulty making the weight and eventually crashed in three-and-a-half pounds over the limit.

Following a tweet Broner had sent out prior to the fight we have a sneaky suspicion why the 22-year-old was carrying a few extra pounds.

TWINKIES: A delicious snack for people who write blogs, but not so good when you’re trying to defend the Super Featherweight title

Broner was striped of his title on the spot and fined $60,000 for eating to many of the tasty snacks and it looked like the fight was off. However Broner’s camp gave Escobedo a whopping $250,000 (the equivalent to one million Twinkies) to let the fight go ahead and the bout was back on.

Unsurprisingly, given his advantage ‘The Problem’ gave Escobedo an absolute pounding, breaking his nose in the process, before in the fifth round he won by a technical knock-out. This took Broner’s record to an impressive 24-0 with 20 KO’s as he looks to step up to lightweight and a possible bout with Antonio DeMarco or Ricky Burns.

After the match Adrien Broner decided to pull a little attention-seeking exercise at the expense of his girlfriend Arie Nicole. The boxer dropped down to one knee and invited Nicole over, waffling on a bit as if he was about to pop the question. Instead of asking for her hand in marriage though Broner asked her if she would brush his hair, a signature ritual of the former champ.

Broner cracked himself up but got a mixed reaction from Arie who was obviously quite uncomfortable with all the shenanigans. His antics outside the ring won’t endear him to the fans but you can’t argue with his record between the ropes. He’s walking the walk and backing it up with an arrogant swagger and an attitude that screams ‘I couldn’t give a monkeys’. Or something of that nature.

Unfortunately for the brawler his comedy antics didn’t go down well once the cameras had  gone, and he took to twitter to announce he was once again free and single and ready to mingle.

DATING TIP #43: Pretending to propose but then asking your girlfriend to brush your hair on national TV will not end well

If he could stay off the Twinkies and keep his focus Broner could certainly be one of the rising stars of the ring.


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