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VIDEO: Welcome to London 2012!

by Josh Powell | July 24, 2012

LONDON 2012: World meet Boris. Boris please try not to offend the world.

Bumbling politician Boris Johnson has given the world a unique welcome to the Olympics via the wizardry of online sensation Cassetteboy. Boris has somehow been the Mayor of London for four years now and is eagerly awaiting athletes and supporters from around the globe to turn up for the opening ceremony on Friday.

Looking at the footage it seems Boris has been doing plenty of TV work in-between offending Merseyside, Portsmouth and Papua New Guinea amongst others. Now his wild untamed head of hair and controversial opinions will be witnessed across the world as London prepares itself for an international party the likes of which will ultimately end in a PR disaster.

The least we can hope for is that Team GB pick up the odd medal and the other nations take Boris Johnson’s mumblings as some form of ‘misguided banter’.

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