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Paddy pays out on the torch ceremony!

by Josh Powell | July 28, 2012

HOT STUFF: The Olympic flame burns brightly at the opening ceremony

Paddy Power is paying out a whopping six-figure sum to punters after the dramatic lighting of the Olympic flame last night.

In a surprise move some of Britain’s greatest Olympians teamed up with seven young athletes tipped to be future stars to light the flame.

Paddy has decided to pay out in full on bets placed on Steve Redgrave, Kelly Holmes, Mary Peters, Daley Thompson, Duncan Goodhew, Lynne Davies and Shirley Thompson who were all involved in lighting the flame.

Sir Steve Redgrave had been well supported to light the flame and ran into the stadium with the torch after David Beckham had driven it up the Thames on a speedboat! The young athletes and the Olympians met Redgrave at the entrance and it was the ‘future stars’ who lit the copper petals which set the cauldron alight.

Paddy felt it was in the spirit of the games to pay out on all seven Olympians involved as winners and that means a stunning unexpected payout for Paddy Power punters.

“Everyone’s predictions went up in smoke yesterday so it’s only fair that we pay out on those who carried the flame during the ceremony.”

It was an unbelievable end to what had been a spectacular show choreographed by film-maker Danny Boyle. The ceremony cost in the region of £27million but the three-hour extravaganza viewed worldwide was deemed an overwhelming success.

Punters can now enjoy a weekend of cracking Olympic action with a tidy wad of cash in their pocket courtesy of Paddy!

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