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VIDEO: Ruby Walsh’s Galway Tips

by Aidan Elder | July 31, 2012

The Galway Races is just one of those events that’s embedded in the Irish psyche.

Like thinking one April day of temperatures in the mid-teens is a sign we’re in for a cracking summer and knowing Kevin Myers is about to say something needlessly ‘controversial’, it’s just one of things we know almost instinctively is about to roll around each year.

NO PROBLEM – Ruby plays Agony Aunt to answer your Galway Races questions

As is so often pointed out, it’s a social event as well as a sporting one. Yes, having a few winners and being able to go home with the shirt on your back would be nice, but the Galway Races are all about having a good time in a week that makes Mardi Gras look like a librarians’ AGM. Landing the winner in the always fiercely competitive Galway Plate or Galway Hurdle is the aim, but so is winning in the always fiercely competitive post-pub queue at SuperMacs.

With so much high class racing and socialising to negotiate, we’ve recruited the service of Agony Aunt, Ruby Walsh to help our punters with some of their dilemmas. From advice on picking some winners at Ballybrit to tackling some of life’s more delicate quandaries, Ruby dishes out the help with the characteristic frankness we know, love – and frankly fear – him for.

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