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Sporting glory of the egg and spoon kind in London…France

by Rob Dore | August 1, 2012

FANS-TASTIC: The spectators pour in to the venue in London, France, today ahead of the main event

Robert Dore reports

Rarely is the world treated to the kind of mind-blowing spectacle which has been experienced in London this summer. London, France, that is.

Athletes from all over Burgundy have been preparing for weeks to get themselves in to shape. Some of the competitors are rumoured to have trained for up to 45 minutes a day. Not every day but at least every second day, depending on how many eggs were left over after breakfast.

Of course, this event follows Paddy Power’s announcement that we would sponsor the biggest athletics event in London, France, this year. Of course, LOCOG (boooo! hisss!) tried to ban us, but we won that fight.

Being patrons of sporting excellence, Paddy Power could not let such a momentous occasion pass without lending our full support to the occasion.

Controversy? Us?

Cynics may claim we were doing it to get around the ridiculously strict regulations imposed on a smaller and less significant event taking place in a town of a similar name. As well as stirring up some controversy for a little free advertising. They’re probably right. It’s kind of what we do.

That’s why Paddy Power wholeheartedly sponsored the games, which included such classic events as the egg and spoon race. Actually that’s all it included. But what an egg and spoon race!

MAD YOLKS: The athletes line-up earlier on Wednesday in London, France, as glory awaits

The joyous exaltations of the crowd filled the air as the whistle blew and the athletes took off from the line, spoons in hand. Eggs on spoon.

Cows mooed, dogs barked, old people looked on disinterestedly as the eight finalists pushed their bodies, spoons and eggs to the absolute limit. Giving everything they had for every inch of the 30-yard course.

Anyone who has ever taken part in a school sports day will fully appreciate the necessary combination of fitness, dexterity, speed and a touch of glue on the spoon which is needed to triumph in this event.

CLUCKING AWESOME: Valerie Blaisse inspires a generation with her heroic victory

In the end Valerie Blaisse was the first to cross the line with her egg still intact, earning herself the title of Paddy Power’s 2012 Egg and Spoon champion, the €100 prize, a gold(ish) coloured medal and memories which will stay with her for the rest of her life. Or a few weeks. Depending on how exciting her life is.

Paddy Power the makers of dreams.

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