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A customer reply to FourFourTom’s Football Manager rant

by Rob Dore | August 9, 2012

After a number of complaints about the piece FourFourTom wrote for the Paddy Power blog on the ever popular computer game Football Manager, we figured we’d let one of you lot pen a reply. I contacted a number of those who expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments section and asked them if they’d like to pen a riposte.

chrisquinn3 is the only one to take up the challenge. Not one but two pairs of Paddy power Lucky Pants are on their way to him now.

This is the comment Chris made on the Paddy Power Blog about FourFourTom’s piece:

Quite ironic that someone who sits on Twitter copying other people’s jokes has a pop at people for sitting behind a computer playing a game.

This blog must be targeting the complete minority, whilst tarnishing the majority.

Here’s Chris’ unedited response to FourFourTom’s view on FM gamers.


by Chris Quinn | Irritated blog reader

Filtering through the Paddy Power blog, I stumbled upon a piece by a character called ‘FourFourTom’ in which he aimed a patronising rant at anyone to have played the hugely successful Football Manager series.

Not only is Tom doing the creators of the game a disservice, he is using the antics of the small minority to tarnish the majority of players.

His main point was that people who play the game automatically think they can manage at a high level. Rubbish.
I’ve played the game since I was a teenager and, despite lots of success with unfashionable clubs/nations, I would never dream of making such an outlandish statement – as I doubt the vast majority of players would.

However, for some, especially the younger players, the game is their first insight into the tactical aspect of football matches. Whilst we all know a lot more goes on behind the scenes than setting your teams width and telling them to get the ball in the box (Harry Redknapp’s clubs aside), the game gives young teens a chance to see a small amount for the detail needed to manage a football club.

With every year, Football Manager becomes more in-depth and closer to reality. The introduction of team talks to the latest edition is another example of this. Yet I don’t now believe I could turn a team round like Rafa Benitez did in the Champions League Final when, in reality, my speech would be more likened to that of ‘Smithy’ in the infamous Comic Relief sketch.

Finally, Tom’s rant about players in real life not being good solely because they are on Football Manager is very disrespectful. Sports Interactive receive scouting contributions for each of their games from around 1,000 people in all corners of the globe. These contributors are likely to be people like Tom who, as he claims, watch copious amounts of live football.

Therefore, whilst they cannot get every player exactly correct, the stats that players see will invariably have a degree of truth to them. So when somebody tells you that BATE Borisov’s Bressan is good on the ball and at set-pieces, you should not dismiss them completely because when you watch the Belarusians – he inevitably is (Yes, I’ve watched him).

So yes, Tom, you may receive replies on Twitter quoting players ability on Football Manager, but you must remember that: Firstly, it is half-term and secondly, FM is a hugely popular game and therefore, those who reply to you in that manner are not the views of a very realistic majority.

Twitter: @chrisquinn3


If you read something on the Paddy Power Blog you disagree with then get in touch and you too could win yourself some Paddy Plower Lucky Pants. On top of the inevitable fame and glory which writing for the PP Blog includes. So my boss keeps telling me. Maybe there’s a delayed reaction.

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