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Kenny Egan: It’ll be tight but Katie to win gold

by Rob Dore | August 9, 2012

A TAYL’ OF GREATNESS: Katie was too good for semi-final opponent and will fight for an historic gold medal today.

Beijing silver-medallist Kenny Egan talks to us about Katie Taylor and her Olympic final opponent the Russian Sofya Ochigava.

This is what it’s all about now, there’s no turning back so to speak. It’s a great day in Irish sport and for Katie Taylor and her family and her friends and her father.

She’s a natural talent and she’s worked so hard to get where she is today. She deserves everything she gets.

On Katie and her father:

They don’t cut corners and the pair of them have given 100% for the last ten years. Katie and Peter worked so hard together to get in to this position and you could see it in their faces after the fight that they share a great passion in what they do. Their hard work is showing off now, their in an Olympic final together.

Her games so far:

She was in third gear for her quarter-final with Chorieva and she didn’t need to go any higher. Some people were criticising her saying she didn’t box that well but that’s nonsense. she went in there and she won the fight. You have to take in to account the fact that she knew if she won she would be fighting just over 24 hours later. She couldn’t afford to pick up any silly injuries or cuts. She got in there, she got the job done and she won convincingly. That’s all Katie needed to do.

Her opponent Sofya Ochigava:

I watched her against the Brazilian and she’s not a bad kid. She’s a good southpaw with a fast right hook. Katie’s going to have to be wary of that shot. I think it’s going to be a battle of the lead hand today. It’s going to be tight in the first two rounds like it was when they met in the World Championships but Katie has what it takes to beat this girl and I think she wants it more.

There was a lot of nonsense coming from Ochigava talking about the judges being against her. That Katie Taylor has all the judges on her side. That’s all nonsense, it’s just mind-games.

She tried the same tactic before their fight in the World Championships. Her plan is probably to have Katie coming in being over aggressive and falling over herself chasing her. Katie is going to stay nice and relaxed and pick her shots.

It will be a close fight because they’re two very clever fighters and it will be a battle of the lead hands. Katie’s left hand and Ochigava’s southpaw right. I wouldn’t expect to be anything like Katie’s fight with Natasha Jonas, this is going to be tight and low-scoring.

If it is level after two rounds it’ll be down to Pete then to say to Katie to up the gears. I haven’t seen Katie up in fifth and sixth gear yet but is she’s trailing then I think she’ll be let off the reins.

Score prediction:

I think it’s going to be in the region of a 10-7 win for Katie. In the first two rounds I don’t expect much to happen, so most of the scoring will come in the last two rounds.

I expect the winning score to be low either way so it’s probably a bit much to expect Katie to win all four rounds in this fight.



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